Freshly baked artisan bread, handmade cakes and delicious home cooked food.

About Us

Welcome to Baked artisan bakery and café. Located on The Strand in the heart of the historic Cathedral Quarter in Derby, we are Derby’s only artisan bakery and café. At Baked we are passionate about food and believe that great food is made using traditional methods and the best quality, locally sourced ingredients.


From traditional hand shaped artisan bread and handmade cakes to delicious home cooked café food, everything that we make is freshly prepared from scratch each day at our artisan bakery and café in Derby.


We like to work with local suppliers wherever possible, including Barry Fitch Butcher, Dancing Duck Brewery, Highfields Happy Hens, Duffield Dairy, R & L Fruits and Northern Tea Merchants.


Our Bread

Bread is one of the simplest of foods, yet today most of the bread sold in the UK is hardly worthy of the name – being full of artificial additives and preservatives and mass produced in giant factories. With mass production the emphasis is on speedy production, low cost and a long shelf life – all at the expense of flavour and quality.


At Baked our bread is different. We don’t use artificial additives or preservatives and we make our bread slowly, using traditional artisan methods. The end result is delicious bread that has had time to develop the flavours that we all love.


The Real Bread Loaf Mark at Baked artisan bakery and café


We are delighted to announce that we have signed up to the Real Bread Campaign’s Real Bread Loaf Mark scheme. The Real Bread Campaign define “Real Bread” as bread made with all-natural ingredients, and without the use of any processing aids or other artificial additives. The Real Bread Loaf Mark gives the consumer an assurance that the bread that they buy has been made without artificial additives or processing aids.


We are proud to say that at Baked, all of our bread meets this definition of Real Bread.



Our cakes are freshly made by hand each day, using the finest ingredients, and are on sale for one day only. We vary our cakes from day to day, here is a sample of just some of the tasty treats we create here at Baked.


- Bakewell Slice - Salted Peanut, Honeycomb & Belgian Chocolate Square

- Cupcakes - Rocky Road

- Dancing Duck Beer Loaf - Victoria Sponge


A dream accompaniment to a traditional pot of tea, courtersy of Northern Tea Merchants.



What could be a more warming feeling than good old fashioned home-made soup with freshly baked bread. Follow us @bakedDERBY to find out our soup of the day, the perfect choice for traditional British weather.



We have a selection of high quality teas and coffee, soft drinks and Buxton Spring Water to enjoy in the comfort of the café or to takeaway.